Pool Accessories

Alamo Hardware offers a vast selection in pool and spa chemicals and maintenance products for your convenience. We stock liquid and granular chlorine in various sizes. We also stock several types of Pool Shock for the seasonal “flare up” caused by many types of algae which accompany the various pollens and neglect that take place in the off season. We carry the HTH line of pool chemicals including: Salt and Pool Care, Yellow Rid, Super Algae Guard, Super Concentrate Clarifier, Green to Blue Shock System, Shock ‘N Swim, Phosphate Remover, PH Plus and Minus as well as your D.E. Filter Aids.

In our maintenance section we carry Ace Hardware branded skimmers, pool brushes and vacuum products as well as the Wall Whale and Catfish pool blasters. Along this line we stock a wide variety of test strips and kits for your home maintenance program.

When it’s time to jump in and enjoy that gorgeous body of crystal blue water, we have a wide variety of Intex pool floats, lounges, rafts and pool toys for your enjoyment! And don’t forget, we now offer the “Professional Pool & Spa Water Analysis” station along with people on staff that can help you diagnose and fix those nasty invaders that cause your pool to turn yellow and green overnight. So the next time you step outside and see your pool or spa looking not quite up to par, or perhaps you want to stay ahead of the game, come by and see us and allow one of our experts to assist you in the upkeep of your system.

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