NAME: Debbie Cecaci
LOCATION: Alamo Hardware and Garden – Alamo, CA
Department: Decor and Gift, Buyer

How long have you been working at Alamo Hardware?

I’ve worked at Alamo Hardware since its inception 6/1/2009, nearly 12 years. Although as I lead into your next  question… I’ve actually been working in this building for close to 26 years since 6/15/1995. It has been three Home Improvement Centers during that span of time beginning with Yardbird’s and then Home Depot Yardbirds and I was asked to join the Alamo Hardware team as Home Depot Yardbird’s was dissolving the specialty arm of their business of which we were a part. I then became part of the original Alamo Hardware team that opened our store 6/1/2009.

My favorite decor items are?

I would have to be honest and say that I have a great many favorites when it comes to Décor and Gift:  unique specialty candles, hand picked “found” pieces, floral wreaths ,picks and garlands, and so many multi functional pieces that can express one feeling in one room and at the same time tell a completely different story in another…are probably some of my absolute favorites 😊. A Floral Designer by trade and having worked within the design industry with my own local business well before entering Home Improvement  I have learned to develop a sensitivity to what Décor styles and items bring smiles to people’s faces and a sense of warmth and hospitality to their homes . Having the ability to help our customers “Style” their homes to represent  that  feeling of hospitality to their friends and family has been a blessing to be a part of.

What do you like most about working at Alamo Hardware?

What I probably like most about working at Alamo Hardware is the sense of family and camaraderie that develops through the years of first opening our first store and now being a functional part of our success and helping the company grow.

What is your favorite season for home decor?

Although many would say Debbie’s favorite Season for Home Décor must be Christmas with the extensive story we tell in our Holiday Dept..I’d have to say my favorite is probably Spring and Summer combined with all of the many creative ways we can show people how to decorate their homes with tiny twists here and there  as these seasons go by keeping their home fresh and inviting throughout the months of Newness in the Spring and Home gatherings throughout the Summer..(however small they may need to be 😊).

What is something unique about the home decor department?

Something unique about our Décor and Gift Dept is simple..We are storytellers… tell a story….a special story in every niche of the Dept that appeals to even the most inexperienced shopper and through our storytelling we invite our customers to join us in finding the perfect décor for their home or even that special gift for someone they love. Through the years we have become a Destination for Garden, Hardware, Holiday, Décor, Gift and Kids. Our customers flatter us with one simple comment by saying “Well, we don’t need to go anywhere else now. Alamo Hardware has it all, and we thank you.”

What is your favorite item to recommend for customers?

And finally…the one item I probably recommend most to customers happens to be..a candle..  unique candles that we carry so  many different  and varieties of in order to have that one special candle that will be perfect for every customer shopping our Dept.. whether they happen to be purchasing for themselves or a gift for someone else. I can tell the minute I see them just where to take them for the perfect candle they will love.

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